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St. Luke CO


Orthodox Christian Church in Erie CO

St. Luke Orthodox Church in Erie will be the largest Antiochian Orthodox Christian temple in Colorado. The highly efficient 6,574-square-foot temple, with a seating capacity of 412, is large enough to accommodate the young community of St. Luke’s 238 parishioners and the newcomers they hope will join them. It has a traditional spherical dome, which is gold in color and is visible on an approach to Erie from just about any direction. The complex will utilize traditional local stone as the base wainscot while remaining a solidly Byzantine church. The temple and partial support building are part of a first phase in an overall master plan that will allow for future growth while meeting their current needs.
While the prevailing thought was to build a “combo Church-Hall”, CJK’s alternatives & process led to the Church and support as separate elements, this decision has been a catalyst to the growth of the parish.

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