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St. Katherine FL


Greek Orthodox Church in Naples FL

This wonderful, light-flooded church design is based on the 5th Century Church of the Theotokos in Gerazim, Syria and named for the 6th Century Patroness of the St. Katherine Monastery at Mount Sinai. Like the steeple in Western Church Architecture or the identification of the Minaret with Islamic Mosques, the dome which adorns this structure is an archeform emblematic of Eastern Orthodox Ecclesiastical Architecture. In theology, such a dome is the proclamation of the geometry of the volumetric circle, symbolizing heaven’s eternity, the compassion and inclusiveness of God’s unceasing love and holistic expansiveness. It is a 360 degree receptacle of light, providing God’s illumination to the interior of the church. After all God is light and without light there is no life. Thus the illumination of God’s grace is felt in the worship here both spiritually and physically. Octagonal in plan, this crowning proclamation of Heaven on Earth hoists its dome 55’ above the floor with the ambulatory and perimeter excedras layering this great central space and creating a volumetric composition that evokes the mysteries and hope of the great founders of the One Holy Orthodox and Apostolic Church.
This team process, lead by the late Reverend Bill Kehayes with a dedicated team, designed and constructed this Landmark and Focal Point (the fourth in his dynamic service to the Church), in one of the most beautiful communities of Florida for $2.2 million (including site work). The 475 seat capacity church was completed in just over eighteen months on August 20th, 2000 and remains a testament to proportion and grace.
CJK worked with the parish committee, led by Father Bill Kehayes of blessed memory.

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