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St. John the Baptist NV


Greek Orthodox Church in Las Vegas NV

A relationship begun over 17 years ago, within view of the Pyramids of the “Strip”, has created a total Vision / Master plan and developed a Village setting for 65,000 sq. ft. of space including a 600+ seat Central Church and a 40,000 sf Mixed Use Educational, Cultural and Recreation Center, and Future Academy.

The architect was adapted the building to a harsh desert climate, and responded by filling the10 acre site with courtyards, fountains, pavilions arcades and trellises. These are specially designed for year round festivals and activities, indoors and out. The entire campus is the setting to one of North America’s most vibrant, stimulating and enterprising Festivals. In addition, this project adapts to the climate by using passive cooling and heating through ground transfer. Completing the $2 million Phase I, the Church had its Opening of the Doors in September of 1992. The Central prototype temple is crowned with striking copper domes that have a rich patina on the exterior and are graced by breath-taking iconography within. A desert-toned stucco and stone façade supports the clay tile roofs. The earthy desert palette is carried throughout the campus in ochre and terra-cotta details.

The Community Center with hall, educational and administrative facilities was finished within a budget of $3.9 million, and was opened in May of 2003.

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