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St. George MA


Greek Orthodox Church in Lynn MA

Built in 1954 this Church was in need of a profound transformation. Thus a commitment began in 2000 by the 800 congregants to recreate this building as a prominent landmark along historic Lynn Commons. The vision was to reintroduce historical elements of Byzantine design while at the same time meeting the needs of this vibrant parish.
In the first phase, begun in 2006, light and color were added into the Nave by replacing the existing windows with beautiful Byzantine art glass insulated windows, which bathe the Nave in soft alabaster colors. Next, an entirely new façade creating an Exo-narthex, or porch, continues an ancient Church tradition and practice that works well in the harsh New England winters. This new façade dramatically changes the look of the Church improving on the rather non-descript existing façade that could have been ascribed to any Christian denomination. In addition, the Church now displays two tall Byzantine style towers with golden domes and crosses that reflect the ancient Orthodox traditions. The alabaster windows that were previously introduced in the Nave are re-used in these towers and at the main entry coupled with a pair of new bronze-clad Great Doors. Completing this phase of transformation are the beautiful brick and cast stone details on this new façade which invoke the heritage of Byzantine Constantinople as well as the rich architectural traditions of the Boston Area.
Future phases will include intricate glass mosaic icons to fill the niches in this façade and an outdoor plaza area for celebrations. St George Greek Orthodox Church now fortifies its place along the Commons and also projects its own ancient history and traditions as a Temple for the living faith of Christian Orthodoxy.

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