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St. Demetrios VA


Greek Orthodox Church in Williamsburg VA

The site for this church is located just 3 miles from the heart of Historical Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. With a design centered around a village concept, the entire parcel is utilized to support a church temple, great hall, kitchen, administration facility, and functional parking. While this entire master plan is conceived as a phased project, Phase 1 was the Church followed 18 months later by the hall. Space has also been carefully reserved for possible future expansions.

Inspiration for this church was found in the humble Orthodox Churches of the Macedonian period such as those built in Peloponnesos and Thessaloniki. The inspirational verticality, stony permanence, and rugged simplicity are all hallmarks of this traditional ecclesiastic architecture while the brick accents, generous stone work, and copper dome further integrates this design within its historic coastal Virginia setting.

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