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Monastery of the Theotokos CA


The Holy Monastery of the Theotokos in Dunlap CA

The Holy Monastery of the Theotokos, - the Life Giving Spring, is located on a plateau high in the Sierra Nevadas near Kings Canyon National Park- CA.

The monastery masterplan calls for the structure to be developed as a walled city, creating a protective, stable, and permanent sacred space within. The Convent is zoned into three general areas within the secured, fortified perimeter. The public area consists of facilities such as visitor center, store, the hospitality/reception areas, convent offices, priest quarters and the archontariki or visitor’s quarters. The northern segment of the convent is cloistered: only the nuns and authorized visitors and workers can enter this area.

This area consists of the nuns’ living quarters and work areas. The katholikon or main church is the focal point, heart and center of the Convent. It is the pivot and connection point of all the areas of the Convent. It faces into the more public area, but connects the more private areas of living and working for the sisters. The katholikon is a domed cruciform church based upon the Athonite model and includes a liti (an area between the narthex and the main church used for certain monastic services), the nave, soleas and semicircular shaped north and south choirs, the iconostasis and altar area.

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