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Holy Transfiguration GA


Greek Orthodox Church in Marietta GA

This project sits on a very challenging topography, which had both significant limitations as well as afforded opportunities for unique design.The $3.7 million construction project includes the main Church temple with 470 seats, the Chapel of St. Andrew for small services and individual prayer, an outdoor classic Greek Amphitheater (600 seats), and a full Banquet, Festival Commercial Kitchen and Storage facility. The interim sanctuary built in 1993 was converted to a Hall and Education Facility.

The new 10,500 sq. ft. plus church was constructed using a combination of Dufferin Stone masonry veneer and brick, while the accompanying 600-seat outdoor amphitheater was built using the complementary stone materials. The copper dome rising 62 feet crowns the sanctuary and is topped with a 9 foot high gold and silver metallic, 6th century Justinian Cross.

The finished structures embody the Holy Transfiguration leadership team’s vision, reflecting the early Christian persona building in its design, materials and craftsmanship, creating a village and a sense of place. The architect has truly taken advantage of the steep slope of the site to create one of the more stunning features of the Greek tradition, a magnificent amphitheater, to serve as gathering space for the community.

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