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St. George Cultural Center


St. George Cathedral in Springfield MA

Located at the Northwest gateway to the city, the Cathedral of St. George in Springfield, MA, just celebrated its 100th Anniversary. Christ J. Kamages, AIA has a history with the Cathedral as parishioner, as a consultant while a student at the Boston Architectural Center and as principal & designer for the project while with Cannon in 1978.
The cultural center is an extension of the St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral located across the street from the center. The energetic 30,000 sq. ft. Cultural and recreational Center works with an existing building and blends the multiple functions beautifully.
As one approaches the center from the church, you are drawn in by the diagonal path into a broad yet human-scale courtyard which doubles as an amphitheater and is embraced by the wings of the structure. This node is welcoming and beckons you through the transparent wall that looks out across the plaza and back to the Cathedral. The Center’s activities are focused around the administrative center, a bookstore, Chapel, High School Gym, Meeting rooms, Classrooms and a Social Banquet hall. Supporting these functions are a large functional Kitchen, storage areas, Elevator, Locker room, exercise room and 120 cars of parking.
Together, the forms of the Community Center and the Cathedral bracket and define your entry into the city and frame the lives of many of the residents. Truly, form follows function and this Community Center does both well.

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