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Concord Police Headquarters


Concord CA

Dedicated on Nov 9, 1996, the new Police Station serves the people of Concord in a $12.7M, 69,000 Sq Ft facility. Christ J Kamages AIA and his Team were originally retained to provide a Master Plan for the Civic Center for the City of Concord. The effort involved case study documentation of recently constructed police facilities throughout the State, questionnaire and interview work; and the production of a definitive report on the programmatic requirements and space needs of the department. From the efforts, a new architectural program for the police department was completed and the team designed a new, iconic headquarters.

The structure is prominently located, as a “Gateway” at the entry to the city along Monument Ave. and the Main BART approach. The design process involved Police, Community and City staff working together to create a community resource and a landmark. The resultant design was the product of a team approach reaching consensus each step of the way.

The completed building contains a full-service community oriented Police Department with a 3 division model, Administrative Services, Field Services and Support Services. It is a Gateway and a state of the art Community Policing Facility for the city of Concord; a facility that includes cutting edge police facilities within a community overlay.

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