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Holy Anargyroi Ss. Kosmas & Damianos MN


Greek Orthodox Church in Rochester MN

With immediate proximity to the world renowned center of healing and health, the Mayo Clinic, this parish choose its patron Saints after two 3rd Century Physicians whose holiness resides in that they did not profit by their medical training, but choose to use their skills for the welfare of their fellow man without recompense. For some time they were not only the most capable physicians of the realm, but also quite unwittingly and eminently successful missionaries. CJK’s work began with the design of an octagonal Central Style 350 seat Church Temple from a sixth century genealogy, which became an instant Landmark in Rochester.
CJK has also worked with the parish to develop a long term vision with a Philoxenia Village in phase 2 and a Kendron in phase 3. “Philoxenia,” a compound word mean friend and stranger, will be a village-like complex providing housing on both short and long terms for Orthodox patient’s families, who visit the clinic from destinations both national and international. Also housing will be provided for Orthodox residents and nurses on staff at the Clinic. “Kendron,” meaning center, will provide a building devoted to promoting culture, fellowship, and learning in the third phase of development. In addition, outdoor picnic and gathering areas are proposed in the master plan along with a healing and meditation garden to offer a special place of refuge for those who are afflicted and seeking the healing of God’s Grace.

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