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St. George IN


Antiochian Orthodox Church in Fishers IN

CJK has worked with Fr. Nabil and the Parish in Metro Indianapolis for many years developing a vision with the Leadership that accommodates their current and future needs in a phased approach. Working with the requirements of the Parish, the Town of Fishers, and the budget, the project has become a beacon of "Green" building techniques. Lighting is mostly LED and the mechanical systems maximize efficiency. The Structure utilizes ICF construction (concrete filled foam blocks) with hollow core plank flooring in the nave which allows for the underside of the Temple to accommodate a meeting hall, kitchen and classrooms, thus creating a smaller and more efficient building footprint. This strategy in part also addresses the challenges of building on a hillside. The upper level also houses the administration office in addition to the Byzantine Temple as well as a magnificent bell tower. The dome was fabricated on the ground and lifted in place during a celebratory service in December 2013. The dome is made of Millennium stainless steel and has a god finish that could last for over 200 years. Future phases will have additional classrooms, library, large hall, full size kitchen, and chapel.

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