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Holy Trinity SC


Greek Orthodox Church in Columbia SC

CJK inherited this project from a previous design attempt by different architecture firm. The previous architect’s design ended up going two times over the parish’s set budget. Needless to say that staying within the budget was CJK’s top priority. In addition, the design challenge for this project was to create a building worthy of a presence on the main street in the urban downtown Columbia.

Acclaimed by the community as “the most beautiful building” and “A Landmark” in the State Capital of South Carolina, Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Columbia has formally Opened their Doors. This magnificent Orthodox building has a 50’ wide dome and many broad surfaces that we designed to fuse architecture with glorious iconography that reflects the values and traditions of the Faith.

The mantra was 500 seats for under $6 million total cost. In working with CJK Design, the Parish has been able to create a “talk of the town” landmark with more program for less cost.

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