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Holy Trinity IN


Greek Orthodox Church in Carmel IN

Finished in November 2008, the 25,375 sq. ft. first phase of construction includes the temple, the founders’ walk and an administration building. The administrative component will house the offices of the parish priest and secretary along with other offices, a conference room and all the necessary functions. As an indoor atrium-like space connecting the temple to the administrative building, the founders’ walk will serve as a gathering space for the community’s after service coffee hour, dinners and other social needs. Along with the easterly facing temple, there are plans to add a dining and recreation facility, classrooms, offices, a founders’ walk and other support spaces that will serve this vibrant community in the future. The central core of this Library of Congress - registered concept is a triangulated plan where the triangle symbolizes the nucleus of the faith, the Holy Trinity.

The assemblage provides a unique synthesis that creates both grandeur and intimacy in the same space, with sense of “Oneness” as the “Body of Christ” in worship. There are extraordinary sightlines throughout. The space, with a proportional and democratic positioning of the dome as the major interior and exterior element, the wide view towards the sanctuary (Hagia Bema) provides great visual access and liturgical arts flexibility and intimacy since no seat is more than 70 feet from the sanctuary.

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