Words of Praise

We build trust and long lasting connections with our client that go far beyond the drawing board. These are some of the hundreds of clients who have found this relationship rewarding.

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church - Carmel Indiana“It has been an honor and privilege to work with Christ Kamages and CJK Design Group has designed a magnificent Byzantine temple…CJK Design Group is a tremendous architectural firm. We highly recommend them for any project.
“Christ Kamages … has a strong theological understanding of our Orthodox faith and it is represented in his architectural design.”

Dr. Dennis K. Dickos, Holy Trinity Building Chairman


St. Barbara Durham“We worked with the CJK Design Group team co-operatively from project conception through design and implementation, and our experience has been exceptionally positive!”
Dr. Peter N. Marinos, Chair St. Barbara Building Committee


Denver Metropolis-interior“The Diocese Center is just spectacular. Christ, you and your staff create a beautiful edifice that truly stands as a beacon of light for the orthodox faith, here in the city, and for the Denver Diocese. Let’s just say, the building ‘knocked the socks off’ many of our guest, who I am sure, had no idea whatsoever as to what to expect, and certainly didn’t expect what they saw!!!”
Elaine Cladis, Assumption of the Theotokos, Denver CO


St. Catherine- Braintree-exterior“As Glacon’s principal, I can attest to the quality and effectiveness of CJK Design Group’s team in preparation … and follow through…
“I have no reservation in working with CJK Design Group in the future and highly recommend them for any project for which they are considered.”
Murray Glazer, President, Glacon Construction


St. Luke CO“As a professional project manager of capital projects located throughout the country I have worked with many architects. I understand the complexity of working on projects located throughout the country. I have not found distance to be an issue in working with CJK Design… CJK Design is one of the best firms I have ever worked with on any type of project.
“CJK Design was selected based upon their extensive experience, ability and desire to educate our Planning Committee, Parish Council, and Parish on correct Orthodox architecture and our very tight project schedule.”
John Milosovich, St. Luke Planning Committee Chairperson


Oakland chapel“To our amazement they showed us how we could accommodate all of the facilities necessary to support these ministries even though our total property, nestled on a hill with a commanding view, totaled only 4.3 acres.
“It has been a pleasure and joy to work with Chris Kamages and his exceptional team and in the process we have not only retained our friendship but have become like family.”
Fr. Tom Paris, retired Oakland, CA


Monastery- Dunlap (alt 20“I am writing to offer my highest recommendation for Mr. Christ J. Kamages and his firm… [ I ]can testify to the brilliance of his architectural synthesis, the professionalism of his manner, and the depth of his respect and sensitivity towards the Byzantine ethos.”
Metropolitan Anthony, Bishop of San Francisco


St. Demetrios Saco“…And Mr. Kamages’ care for detail and beauty is not limited to the exterior of the buildings, but carries over even to minute details of interior where design and patterns are given the highest priority and most meticulous attention.”
Bishop Basil, Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America


Denver Metropolis-extrior“Christ is both a Great Architect and Person who challenged and inspired our Leadership at the Cathedral and Metropolis working with us to create a Living Icon and Lighthouse for our faith,”
Metropolitan Isaiah, Metropolis of Denver


Worcester Hall“I have known Christ for over 30 years… I have followed his career with much interest and great pride. He has produced architectural plans for dozens of beautiful church edifices throughout the Archdiocese including here in the Diocese of Boston where he is working in four parishes… I gladly recommend Christ J. Kamages to you.”
Metropolitan Methodios, Presiding Hierarch of the Diocese of Boston


rochster, MN“His mission to return to our tradition will spark others to do the same and could very well affect the future architecture of countless Churches in America. He has been the “yeast” for this movement and we pray God grant him many years!”
Fr. Nicholas Kasemeotes, SS Kosmas & Damianos, Rochester, MN


lecanto“His devotion to our Church has produced the most traditional Orthodox Churches throughout America. I admire him because he is so traditional compared with so many of our Architects who have deviated to produce Churches which are not traditional…”
– Fr. George Papadeas, retired Lecanto, FL


st. Katherine Naples-florida (interior)“Christ Kamages is a man of deep conviction, tireless in his research, and most importantly, open-minded, who is constantly teaching, is easy to work with. He cannot be compromised. He is patient. He has an excellent staff and support team, and was always available to us in Naples, Florida…”
– Fr. William Keyhayes, St. Katherine, Naples FL


St. Catherine- braintree- interior“A serious student of the liturgical arts and especially of the Byzantine architectural tradition, Mr. Kamages embodies the best of our Orthodox liturgical tradition in his beautiful and sound designs. He is not only a skilled architect he is also a trustworthy partner, a man of faith graced with good instincts and a cooperative and friendly spirit.”
Fr. Alkiviadis C. Calivas, Professor Emeritus of Liturgics at Holy Cross


St. George- El Paso“…Most important I have made a life long friend with whom I felt comfortable doing business with since the first time we met”
– Ramsey Esper, Parish Council Chairman, St. George, El Paso TX


St. katherine Naples-florida (exterior)“His knowledge of traditional orthodox churches and modern building techniques produced an edifice that we are proud of. He cooperated with our committee and our desires during the planning stages and provided the required follow-up during construction.”
Andrew Eliopoulos, Building Chair, St. Katherine, Naples, Fl


HT Columbia“I cannot say enough about Christ Kamages and CJK Design’s communication and dedication to Holy Trinity GOC and our efforts to navigate towards a beautiful and achievable new sanctuary. ”
Chris Miller, Building Committee Chairman for Holy Trinity GOC – Columbia, SC


Marietta, GA“Mr. Kamages is his deep faith, his great knowledge of Byzantine architecture and our Orthodox Tradition and above all his humility. He is a great communicator, he is very perceptive and he understands the needs of the individual parishes. His buildings are not silent but rather they communicate with the viewer by inviting him/her to come and see the beauty of the exterior walls, but the richness of the interior design.”
V. Rev. Sebastian Skordallos / Archimandrite Sevastianos Skordallos, Holy Transfiguration GOC, Marietta GA


Ss Markella“When my community embarked on the monumental task of building an authentic Byzantine Church, a thorough investigation was conducted to select the best-suited architect. Following several interviews with the finest Orthodox architects in America, it was clear that Mr. Kamages was the best candidate for the task. After working with Mr. Kamages on the design of our Church, I have been impressed with not only his architectural genius, but with his personal faith and passion for traditional Orthodox architecture as well. He has the patience that is needed in dealing with parish council members, building committee members and entire parish assembly meetings.”
Archimandrite Constantine T. Mersinas, Prostamenos, Saints Markella & Demetrios GOC, Fort Walton Beach Florida


toronto“As a community of 152,000 faithful, we searched throughout North America and Greece to find the architect that would best meet the needs of rebuilding a significant Orthodox Cathedral in a major metropolitan area. Christ and CJK portrayed the skill, energy and unique understanding that resulted in a beautiful design for our cathedral.”
Father Crist Geronikolos, St. Irene GOC, Toronto Canada


St. Nectarios“The church of St. nectarios in Covina is, indeed, the “jewel” of the city and vicinity. Art students from Citrus College have come on a number of occasions to paint renditions of the new church edifice. Visitors have come in large groups to see our new church and worship within her sacred walls. It is truly a place of worship; a beacon orf Orthodox presence in the community.”
Father Theodore Pantels, St. Nectarios GOC, Covina CA


St. Demetrios Saco“It was easy to work with Christo, not only for his extraordinary capabilities but also because of his support staff and their willingness to assist in every way. When Christo offered the initial plans to us, they looked wonderful. We began to build our new Church and months later it was finished. Even our highest expectations were not only met, but were surpassed.”
Father Basil B. Arabartzis Presbyter, St. Demetrios GOC, Saco ME


St. Katherine- elk grove“I believe that a large portion of this growth can be attributed to the remarkable design of our church. Mr. Kamages was able to provide us with a house of worship executed within the appropiete theological style of Greek Orthodox churches, yet with enough innovation and functionality that the entire community enthusiastically received the finished product. The work of Christ Kamages has provided an important spark to the ministry of our Saint Katherine parish and we have been fortunate and blessed to benefit from his talent and insight. Mr. Kamages has designed our saint Katherine church, which was built in 1995. The design is faithful to our tradition and exceedingly functional for all our needs. Our congregation has more than doubled in size since we built our new church six years ago, and I attribute a certain part of that growth to the inspirational design of our church.”
Father Constantine Pappademos, St. Katherine GOC, Elk Grove CA