This listing of articles will give you greater understanding of the challenges and rewards of a building project, give you guidance on some of the design issues and the building process. To find out more on how we can assist you in your project, please contact us.

  • These two articles show recent trends for the cost of construction materials.
    2009 Construction Costs
    2009 Construction Trends
  • Found @, this article was written by Jerry L. Halcomb, AIA
    to evaluate the connection between the economy and the need for church construction projects.
    Church Construction and the Economy
  • Titled “Maximizing Building Efforts in a Bad Economy: Stay focused on the master
    plan”, this article acts as guidance for those undertaking a church building project in the midst of this recessionary economy.
    Maximizing Building Efforts in a Bad Economy
  • An informative and useful pamphlet printed for St John Las Vegas that describes
    the craft and components that go into an Orthodox, Byzantine church.
    A Landmark Rises in Las Vegas
  • An article we wrote for Praxis Magazine that describes the theory and issues that revolve around the place of the Adult Baptistery in today’s Orthodox temples.
  • An article that first appeared in the journal Christian Activist, Mr. Kamages looks at 12 issues and other considerations when designing an Orthodox place of worship.
    ChristianAct Article
  • A letter regarding the importance of the dome in Orthodox architecture from Metropolitan Nikitas, director of the Patriarch Athenogoras Orthodox Institute (PAOI).
    PAOI Dome Letter
  • A letter from Dr. Anton Vrame concerning the significance of the dome as a religious symbol.
    Significance of Dome
  • This memo describes how a three track committee process within the church leadership would facilitate the construction and fundraising effort.
    Three track process
  • Illuminating the interdependence of church architecture and the practice of faith, this excellent article was written by Christ Kamages for Praxis.
    Winter2009 Praxis ArtsIn Architecture
  • Concise article written by the late Bill Brown, AIA regarding the various Construction Delivery Methods and criteria on picking the right method for your parish.
    Project Delivery