Openings And Beginnings II

The Vision and the Reality

The parish of St Barbara Greek Orthodox Church in Durham, NC has observed the first Divine Liturgy in their long awaited temple on November 1st in what can be called a “soft opening”.  The beautiful cross in square, Byzantine temple will celebrate the official Thyranoixia (the ceremonial Opening of the Doors) on Father’s Day weekend June 10th, 2010 with Metropolitan Alexios.  Until then, the parish will continue to worship in their new space.  Father Andrew, Pete Marinos and the rest of the Parish community encourages anyone interested in seeing and learning about the new space to attend the Open House, which will be held on St. Barbara’s Feast Day, December 4 from 4-7:30 PM.   See thier website for more info.

 Not without challenges, this opening of their new facilities is a new beginning for a respected Parish in the center of the “Research Triangle”.  A Core First Phase of an ORTHODOX VILLAGE, the Master Plan is designed to facilitate the Spiritual growth and development of the parish.  The vision allows elements to be added as needed around the elliptical courtyard that creates a focus on the Temple while organizing expansion in a logical fashion. 

 We also want to congratulate Bruce Harrod of Riggs-Harrod Builders for their efforts to bring this project to completion.  We salute the whole team, from the Parish Leadership to the parishioners and the multitude of Construction Trades, who have worked tirelessly to make this project a success.  Bravo! 

There will be more insights to share on this beacon of Orthodoxy at the Research Triangle in coming entries.

All about the new church

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  1. Bob Dine

    To envision is to see promise. To clearly imagine the grandeur, grace of all that can be. To embrace possibility. Welcome challenge and vividly picture the realty of your efforts.
    To realize is to shape. There is a time when waiting gives way to doing. And dreaming gives way to the building when all the talents of others must be sought out and brought to bear.


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