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Anyone can do a custom house, but CJK Design takes pride in our ability to tailor the solution to the client’s needs and resources. If you are looking for a distinctive new home or remodel, we will work with you to create a custom dwelling that meets your needs while not breaking the bank.

Project City State Type
Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church – Senior Housing Sacramento CA Dwelling
Avon Place Housing Springfield MA Dwelling
Banis Residence Orinda CA Dwelling
BWC Housing Huntington Beach CA Dwelling
Coe Residence Hamden MA Dwelling
Constantine Residence San Rafael CA Dwelling
Fontinos Residence Sonoma CA Dwelling
Haseko Housing Pasadena CA Dwelling
Lyman Street Lofts Springfield MA Dwelling
Monos Residence Columbia MO Dwelling
Old School Commons Housing North Hampton MA Dwelling
Palm Court Residential Huntington Beach CA Dwelling
Park Street Loft Housing Springfield MA Dwelling
Sikora Residence Petaluma CA Dwelling
Summerhill Housing Foster City CA Dwelling
Summerhill Housing Menlo Park CA Dwelling
Villa Mendota Residence Mendota CA Dwelling