Landmark In State Capital


View from down Main Street

The construction of the new Holy Trinity is moving along with the Prairie Stone now going up.  The solidity & permanence of the stone exterior will remind us all of the lasting nature of the Orthodox Faith.  When the metal roofing is applied to the dome, it will be as a beacon to the people of Columbia.  The team is doing a great job! 


Prairie Stone is working its way up the facade to the dome.
Congratulations to the parish of Holy Trinity in the capital city of Columbia, SC who have broken ground and are moving along towards completion of their new landmark temple that is just down Main Street from the capitol building.  The parish contacted us after prior, unsuccessful attempts to come up with a plan that met their needs while maintaining their budget.

The mantra was 500 seats for $5 million (total cost), and together we were able to meet/ exceed this goal.  In working with CJK Design, the Parish has been able to create a “talk of the town” landmark with more program for less cost.  As we have seen, if your parish is in a position to build, now is a great time to develop your plans and put them into action.  

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church

 After working closely with the parish leadership, the contractor, the city and many consultants, the gleaming gold dome will soon rise and take its spot along the city skyline.  The site is already being laid out and the footprint is now visible.

Columbia Site

It is our hope that the new temple describes in stone some of the ineffable qualities of the Holy Trinity and stands as a reminder of the greatness of God and the power of faith through Christ. 

Framing the tall windows of the Dome

Look for more on the progress of this exciting project.   


Raising the Dome 6-10-2010

Compare to the image just a few months ago.   The project is coming along and it has been great working with the team.

5 thoughts on “Landmark In State Capital

  1. Peter Kalmakis

    CONGRATULATIONS Christ, your usual , extra-ordinary designs.

    Keep the good work and future jobs going.

  2. Anonymous

    Beautiful!You truely put your heart and soul in all your work .Cannot wait to see in person and meet all of the good people in that community.

    Patricia Kamages

  3. Elaine Passaris

    GLORY TO GOD. Christ, my sincerest congratulations. I am moved with the beauty and fullness of our Greek Orthodox Faith as a new church is constructed with your amazing vision. Panta Axios.


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