Church ArchitectCJK Design Group offers comprehensive architectural and planning services. We are structured and staffed to effect programming, planning, architectural and interior design, space planning, equipment/product design, artifact/craft design and graphic design.

CJK is rooted in the creation of Architectural Icons. In the historical/theological sense, an icon is more than an artifact; for the believer, it is a window unto heaven, a place of the gracious presence. In and through it the eye transcends the visual and perceives a higher reality. So it is for CJK, as it provides the process and medium for the client to realize a vision that goes beyond the ordinary.

Church ConstructionCJK is focused in a deliberate manner on a few key client groups. More than three-quarters of our work serves the communities of Faith, with related cultural, educational, recreational housing facilities. The other quarter of our work concentrates on public housing and commercial buildings. Far from being “all things to all people,” the firm has written a specific charter for itself and has developed the skills, resources, and deep experiences to fulfill it. This translates into a commitment to the client: to assist in defining their needs, bringing the aspirations into sharp focus, and articulating their vision into a process and product that works, beautifully and efficiently, to the smallest detail.

Church BlueprintsCJK is committed to the premise that vision and value are fully compatible. What is handsome would also be functional now and in the future. Value does not mean merely respecting the budget, value lies in the enduring integrity of the design and also in the continuing efficiency of operation. It also has its subjective aspect; it draws inspiration from the client’s vision and the architect’s ability to interpret it. Thus in turn it inspires and gratifies, most successfully in ways that are not immediately obvious, in harmony with its environment, its time, and its place.

CJK delivers its services through an approach to each project that stresses system and method, thus insuring an ideal solution. Essential to the process is the client’s participation in the journey of discovery; never as a detached voice, but as a full partner, completely engaged in establishing concepts and studying alternatives at every stage of development. “Creation is a patient search”

Building Church RoofCJK tailors a special project team to every undertaking, and has a senior core staff with an average of 20 years of quality experience. Our Principal’s leadership and strong “hands on” approach provide continuity and results throughout the process. By concentrating on well-defined key markets, as opposed to scattering our resources, we bring to each client team a depth of understanding and a level of care that insures successful results in a timely, cost effective and highly professional way.

CJK has designed and implemented over 200 projects in the last twenty years & at the same time enjoyed extensive publication and Recognition, Receiving numerous design awards. As a firm we have been able consistently to provide creative solutions while meeting our clients’ budgets requirements at “judgment day,” the bid opening. This outstanding track record and broad field experience are evidence of our commitment to design within a budget, providing the best possible protection from unwelcomed surprises. Time and again our clients have been able to occupy and utilize their facilities without agonizing delays and then operate them without incident. In short, vision and value is for us more than a motto, it is the hallmark of our professionalism, the seal of our work.

Holy Trinity Church Permits and PlansCJK teams the best of both human and technological resources to provide services and solutions tailored to each clients needs. We also have collaborate with specialty consultants whom we have many years of successfully completed project.

CJK is never content by its very temperament; mere ordinary solutions are not acceptable. We blend professionalism with passion, pragmatism with humanity, innovation with responsiveness to the client’s own temperament and vision. This is the difference between ordinary solutions and outstanding ones. We strike to make that difference.

CJK Design Group IconCJK takes pride in having a group of highly creative design professionals which, in each instance, give the client a personal working relationship with an identifiable and dedicated team. It is a partnership that generates its own energy, heightens the sense of purpose and above all, enhances the quality, and thus the value, of the buildings created.

CJK is dedicated to client satisfaction, not its own self-satisfaction. Each design challenge brings with it unique client needs and perceptions. Therefore, each challenge demands that we start by understanding the “grain” of the client’s statement of mission. This is the way good and enduring design is achieved. It is the way the product meets the needs and aspirations of the client.

It is the only way we know.