Christ Kamages to be Honored by the Elios Society

Christ Kamages is to be honored by the Elios Charitable Foundation.

Christ J. Kamages

Christ J. Kamages

Christ Kamages is to receive an Award of Excellence from the Elios Charitable Foundation this coming February at the Folk Dance & Choral Festival (FDF) in Anaheim. The award is in recognition for Christ’s distinguished professional record, service to Elios and promotion of Greek Faith and Heritage. With the award comes a donation to FDF in his honor.  Christ’s wife Pat, son Peter, and daughter Keri have all danced for the Nativity of Christ Minoan Dancers in the international FDF competition. This year, their grandchildren Alexis, Eleni & Katia will also participate. Christ is excited that this award money will go to support such a valuable cultural resource that many families, including his family, connects to and enjoys; one augmented and magnified by Metropolitan Anthony of Blessed Memory, unmatched in the International Greek Cultural Arena!

For more information about the Greek Orthodox Folk Dance & Choral Festival and this year’s event click here.

Giving the award, the Elios Charitable Foundation is a non-profit founded in 1997 to preserve and promote the spirit, values and ideals of Hellenic culture and heritage for the benefit of our youth and the Greek American community through a process of mutual enlightenment and fellowship. They have organized a number of charitable events including the annual Hellenic Charity Ball which honors Greeks in the Arts industry who make a difference in the culture and recognition of Hellenic contributions to society. All gifts to this organization are tax deductible.This year the foundation is making a  generous grant to the FDF.

All of their honorees are dedicated and successful in their own endeavors and have a demonstrated track record of being committed to preserving and passing on the values and ideals of the Greek heritage to the next generation.

For more information about the Elios Charitable Foundation click Here.

Working directly with community to develop his designs.

Working directly with the community to develop consensus is as important as design.

Christ Kamages has had overwhelming success in working with hundreds of Orthodox communities to inspire them with his passion for a rebirth of the true Eastern Byzantine spirit where traditional church sacred space is essential and vital to community life. He has gone on to develop unique church temple designs such as the Axios, an expandable prototype for growing mission parishes, and the copyrighted Triad, which uses Byzantine architectural principles while optimizing the seating capacity, sight lines, and programmatic functions of the an Orthodox Church.


Model of a Byzantine Church.

a Preliminary concept Model of a Byzantine Church.

In addition to his Professional life, Christ has served as Chairman of the Board of the Patriarchal Athenagoras Institute (PAOI) for 12 years, the Councils of the Metropolis and Diocese of San Francisco as well as the Archdiocese Council. He is a founding member of the ELIOS Society and the Pan Cretan Chapter of Polirinia of Marin California. In a moving ceremony in Constantinople in 2000, Patriarch Bartholomew inducted Kamages as an Archon Architekton (the first in history to bear this title) as recognition of his efforts in Ecclesiastical architecture, a befitting title for a person who has been designing churches for almost 40 years. His National Church projects have become national landmarks and have consistently garnered awards and have stimulated communication, spirit and awareness.

Christ inToronto- a renovation work.

Christ inToronto- a renovation work.

Christ with his  late mother.

Christ with his late mother.

Christ Kamages and Pat Kamages in Greece-2013

Christ Kamages and Pat Kamages in Greece-2013

Kamages Family Photo

Christ’s son and grandchildren

Antonis- Kamages Family.

Antonis- Kamages Family.



















Christ and his wife, Patricia, reside in Lucas Valley, Marin, California and are active members of the Nativity of Christ Greek Orthodox Church in Ignacio, California.  They are proud parents to Keri and Peter and beaming grandparents of Nikolas and Alexis Kamages, and Eleni and Katia Antonis. For full biography of Christ J. Kamages click here.


3 thoughts on “Christ Kamages to be Honored by the Elios Society

  1. Stephanie K. Koutroulis

    Dear Christ,

    This is a great and well deserved honor for you. How fortunate for those of us who have known you these past several years that we are able to share in this also. Just imagine all the beautiful Orthodox Churches that you and your staff have designed, and all to the Glory of God! Churches that will live forever. God Bless you and your beautiful family. Congratulations Christ. Hugs, Stephanie

  2. Faher Michael Courey

    Dear Christ,

    Congratulations! What a wonderful recognition of your contribution to our Greek Orthodox Church in America. This is an honor that your truly have earned. Your designs are inspired and uplifting, and your work has touched the lives os so many people, and will continue to do so for many generations!
    With admiration,
    Father Michael Courey

  3. Fr. Thomas J. Paris

    Christ, AXIOS,

    Elios could not have found a more qualified recipient of its highest honor. You have, throughout your life, exemplified the highest ideals of Hellenic Culture in all aspects of your personal, professional and volunteer activities. Your knowledge and appreciation of our rich Hellenic heritage is an inspiration to us all. May the Lord grant you many years to continue mentoring future generations as you have mentored us. You are a treasured gift from God.

    In Christ

    Fr. Thomas J. Paris
    Dean Emeritus
    Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Ascension
    Oakland, CA


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